About Us

Link-Tech is one-stop technical service company which cover Green service/Safety testing service/Market survey service/Consultant and Training service/Auditing service etc.
The Green service cover Cleaner Production Assessment/Carbon Management/Environmental technical service/Energy auditing & saving etc.
Safety test cover MPA/CE/GS/TUV/UL/CSA/CCC testing service
Market survey service cover market survey and forecast /data collection and analysis.
The detail please see service introduce.
Link-Tech is authorization cleaner production assessment body and accredited by the Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection Office Cleaner Production Centre clean production audit agency, professional in the study of environmental protection and environmental technology consulting and equipment manufacturing, automotive, electrical and mechanical, Shipbuilding Industry, chemical, coal, metallurgy, building materials, engaged in by a number of , a hospital, pharmaceutical, food and environmental protection, pollution control technology, cleaner production methods in studies and multi-disciplinary professional field experts team, environmental technology and clean production audit service experience.
Link-Tech with a good technical exchanges and long-term cooperation with Germany, USA and Japan green service, safety test, technical research institutes and certification bodies. With rich international technical background and long-term experience in green services, safety test , market survey and training auditing service to improve our customer management service system, providing customers with professional and carefully service, Link tech are focus on technical service for the branch of the world’s top 500 enterprises in China and other well-known enterprises, Please see part of Link-Tech customer logo wall.