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EU MPA certification abrasive abrasive Description

According to the relevant EU Abrasives security requirements, EN12413: Standard specifies fiber plus enhanced security requirements of the resin grinding wheel, EN13236: 2010 standard specifies the safety requirements of the diamond saw blade / alloy saw. When companies operating in the EU, or use abrasives, products must meet the requirements of the above two criteria, this work is located in the German National the Material Inspection Agency (MPA) is responsible for the testing and certification. Abrasives Products For export market of Germany, Europe, the Americas, Australia and South Africa, MPA generally must first obtain certification. We maintain a long-term relationship of cooperation with the German MPA, is authorized by the MPA in Chinese official collaborating institutions in the Chinese market since 1997 has been responsible for MPA certification matters, such as the promotion of MPA certification matters, receiving enterprise MPA certification application, extract the MPA test samples , sent to Germany MPA laboratory test after passing the file handle and presented certificates and other work.

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