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Why choose us-our advantages

  • Value-added audit
  • Outstanding audit team to provide high efficiency service
  • Localization services
  • Follow-up training and education
  • To facilitate completion of the internal audit
  • Regular meetings of the customer experience-sharing sessions
  • To observe and learn in the same industry
  • Regularly to inform you of clean audit and the latest environmental news

Our services

Clean Production Audit

Promote clean production, improve the efficiency of resource use, reduce and avoid the generation of pollutants, protect and improve the environment, protect human health, and to promote sustainable economic and social development.

CE certification

“CE” mark is a safety certification mark, as manufacturers passport to enter the European market.


Focus on the consulting effectiveness,and provide customers with system and operable, forward-looking management solutions.

MPA certification

For the certification of the safety performance of abrasive products.

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